Youth Engagement Program 

Youth involvement in deliberation on SG is essential to ensure the democratic development of governance frameworks. However, the younger generation is largely absent from discussions on SG, which further hinders them from accessing the research and future governance spaces of climate intervention measures. 

Our youth engagement work seeks to provide young people with access to diverse, balanced and evidence-based information to engage critically, constructively and meaningfully in discussions and decision-making about SG. Faced with a lack of young people’s awareness about climate-altering technologies and the strong need for SG governance, it addresses the urgency of enhancing their knowledge and capacity in the science and governance of SG technologies whilst exposing them to diverse stakeholder perspectives. 

Early Career Researchers Network

The Youth Engagement Program is building an Early Career Researchers Network (ECRN) to provide a platform for young people to access diverse and science-based information and enable constructive engagement in deliberation about SG. Learn more about ECRN.

Arctic Youth Futures for Solar Geoengineering

Considering the current state of Arctic breakdown and the increasing amount of research on geoengineering happening in the Arctic, it is crucial that young people from the region are equipped to participate in these discussions, ensuring climate and intergenerational justice, as well as transparency and accountability for technologies that require long-term future planning. This workshop series aims to explore attitudes toward SRM and facilitate the co-creation of Arctic youth’s own SRM futures.

DSG is working with the foresight practitioner Julia Reindl to run a series of workshops with young people across the Arctic region. The results of this workshop series can facilitate dialogues between young people and policymakers. The outputs will include a white paper and articles that challenge existing narratives and provoke discussions. The results will be publicly available online on DSG’s website. 

These discussions will further evolve through subsequent workshops in other regions, aiming to develop capacity programs for young citizens invested in shaping the future of SRM.

Recent and Upcoming Events

April 27, 2024: Copenhagen, Denmark (trial workshop)

May 31, 2024: Beddingen kulturhus – Tolder Holmers vei 4, 8003 Bodø, Norway

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More dates will be announced soon. If you’re interested in hosting a workshop with us, write to