Programs at a Glance

Over an initial scoping period and since our launch in April 2023, DSG has focused on building foundational knowledge, structures, and relationships. DSG is continuing to work on a range of activities, including building organizational capacity, working with civil society and policymakers domestically and internationally, continuing to develop models around knowledge sharing, and developing a deeper communications infrastructure. DSG is focused on pursuing a range of activities that drive towards its mission:

There are many activities DSG is engaged in across our different programs. 

DSG develops relationships across sectors in climate vulnerable communities and nations to build a foundation for what pathways of engagement might exist. We work with local partners to build capacity for solar geoengineering with and for civil society and policymakers.

Younger generations will be making critical decisions around SG in the future. Our youth engagement work seeks to provide young people across climate vulnerable regions with access to diverse and science-based information to enable constructive engagement in deliberation about SG.

DSG aims to provide science-based, impartial input into how to shape governance processes in the public sector and externally. To do this, DSG provides a pathway for civil society organizations to provide input governance processes. We also provide our own input into proposed governance actions and provide public analysis on governance activity.

DSG is building and participating in a range of SG research projects to contribute to the SG literature and knowledge base in both social and physical science.

The deep controversy around solar geoengineering requires careful and nuanced messaging to be able to engage with different sets of stakeholders. DSG aims to fill the “honest broker” gap, providing unbiased information and focusing on processes versus advocating for any particular outcome.