Advancing justice in solar geoengineering deliberation

A global effort to elevate voices of climate vulnerable communities & nations in decision-making

The DSG Approach

Solar geoengineering (SG) research is growing in practice and relevance, yet the space remains deeply contentious. Without building pathways for civil society and policymakers in climate vulnerable communities and nations to engage, misinformed and biased narratives will continue to dominate, the legitimacy of research will continue to be challenged, and research outcomes will be under informed.

While there is wide acknowledgement that input from climate vulnerable communities and nations should be centered in SG deliberation, there is little focus on how to meaningfully do so.

The Alliance for Just Deliberation (DSG) will engage in this critical question by building governance capacity, empowering policy engagement, developing more collaboration across regions, and leading a more inclusive conversation.

Building foundational knowledge, structures, and relationships

DSG is striving to work towards a globally participatory and inclusive governance system for solar geoengineering research and potential deployment

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