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recent media coverage

May 13, 2024: “Shady science: The dangers of secret solar geoengineering” by Simon Spichak (Atmos)

April 25, 2024: “The Power of Us: Can we intentionally cool the Earth?” by Ginger Zee (ABC News)

April 21, 2024: “Startups want to cool Earth by reflecting sunlight. There are few rules and big risks” by Julia Simon (National Public Radio)

March 1, 2024: “Solar geoengineering proposal withdrawn at UN summit” by Sara Schonhardt (E&E News by Politico)

February 29, 2024: “Sun blocking technologies a no-go for now after UN countries voice serious concerns” by Lottie Limb (EuroNews)

February 23, 2024: “UN to Vote on Solar Geoengineering” by Sara Schonhardt (E&E News by Politico)

February 1, 2024: “How solar geoengineering is clouding issues of tribal consent” by Hilary Beaumont (High Country News)

January 4, 2024: “Ethical implementation of SRM, cooperation linkages between global north & south imperative: Experts” (Associated Press of Pakistan)

January 3, 2024: “Pakistan needs robust regulatory framework, capacity buildup to tackle SRM regime: Experts” (Associated Press of Pakistan)

Recent Podcasts & Interviews

NPR Up First: The Sunday Story: Startups want to cool Earth by reflecting sunlight

“(Solar geoengineering) can be done in an effective, globally governed way, or it could be done by two crazy people in California, and it can look horrible for a lot of people.”

Challenging Climate: Shuchi Talati on ethics and governance of solar geoengineering

“The Global South is not a homogenous body — it’s extremely heterogenous, and there are going to be diverse opinions within every community, every country, and every region. And I’m sure those views will sit along a spectrum, in a similar way as they have in the U.S. and in Europe. And I think we just don’t know what those (views) are yet, and they’re not going to look the same, they’re not going to ask the same questions, and I think that’s the most interesting part. What I really want to do with this organization is not build any of that advocacy, but to say that the process should be different to arrive at any conclusion that we come to with solar geoengineering.

The Economist’s Babbage Podcast: Is it time to consider giving the planet some sunblock?

“The kind of emissions reductions promised in the COP28 agreement will not suffice to meet the most ambitious climate goals. So other plans to slow the warming are coming to the fore. Solar geoengineering—modifying the amount of Earth’s incoming sunlight—is a once-fringe idea that is at last being taken seriously. It is a strategy with considerable promise, and considerable potential risks.”

the dsg launch – April 17, 2023

Take a look at our launch press release and the first newsletter.

April 19, 2023: inclusion in the Net Zero Newsletter, one good quote by Tim McDonnell (Semafor)

April 17, 2023: “Geoengineering group debuts, focused on developing world” by Andrew Freedman (Axios Generate Newsletter)

April 17, 2023: “Former DOE official launches solar geoengineering group” by Corbin Hiar (E&E News, Climatewire)

April 17, 2023: “This technology could alter the entire planet. These groups want every nation to have a say.” by James Temple (MIT Technology Review)

recent events & talks

May 21, 2024: The Institute for Science & Policy hosted a session
exploring solar geoengineering approaches and the latest deliberations around research, governance, impacts, and more.

September 2023: The UN Science Summit had a hybrid session featuring DSG founder Shuchi Talati exploring the governance gaps around solar geoengineering, organized by UNESCO, TERI, The Degrees Initaitive, and C2G.

September 2023: Resources for the Future hosted “Solar Geoengineering Futures: Interdisciplinary Research to Inform Decisionmaking.” As part of the event, Hassaan Sipra and Shuchi Talati participated in a panel on “Capacity Building for Competent, Just, and Inclusive Decisionmaking.”

April 19, 2023: “Is Solar Geoengineering a Viable Tool in the Climate Policy Arsenal?” Speakers include Stacy-Ann Robinson, Michael Mann, Shuchi Talati, and Michael Weisberg. Hosted by the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, The Penn Center for Science Sustainability, & the Media, and Perry World House

March 2023: Dr. Shuchi Talati recently participated at SXSW on a panel about solar geoengineering. Listen to a recording here.

December 2022: As a Visiting Scholar at the Kleinman Center on Energy Policy, Dr. Shuchi Talati gave a lecture on the intersections of justice with solar geoengineering and carbon dioxide removal.

Upcoming Events

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