Research Program

DSG is building and participating in a range of SG research projects to contribute to the SG literature and knowledge base in both social and physical science.  

Collaborative Deliberative Polling Research

DSG is co-leading a 2-year, highly collaborative and cross-institutional deliberative polling project that asks: how do youth in climate-vulnerable communities view SG as a possible climate change response measure, and how can these perspectives improve SG science and technological development? This work will aim to answer these questions by conducting the first youth-focused public engagement on SG perspectives using the Stanford online deliberative polling platform that promotes learning and engagement with other participants.

The international and interdisciplinary project team consists of 10 experts in climate and SG science and governance, climate and health, science communication, and public engagement methods. The integration of these transdisciplinary experts into a single team is critical to successfully complete the project – no single individual could complete the project alone. Dr. Shuchi Talati (founder and executive director of DSG), Dr. Sikina Jinnah (Professor of Environmental Studies and Affiliated Graduate Faculty of Politics, UC Santa Cruz), and Dr. Alice Siu (Senior Research Scholar and Associate Director, Deliberative Democracy Lab, Stanford University) are co-leading this highly interdisciplinary team. 

Advising External Research

DSG is involved in advising several external research projects. Members of DSG staff currently participate on advisory boards or projects for SG-related research.  

Workshop outcomes

We also hope that DSG workshops will build and/or contribute to new research projects through workshop design and outcomes.  

  1. Working with local partners through capacity-building workshops, DSG will help generate regionally relevant research questions and/or frameworks. 
  1. In addition to focusing on developing research questions, the deliberative processes DSG is implementing can provide useful inputs and data to social science researchers as well. Leadership in creative innovation around deliberation has been extremely limited within the emerging technology space. Working with social scientists, DSG plans to provide access to and share our processes and outcomes for research on current models of deliberation and engagement, and to understand how our model can be improved upon.