Publications are original DSG materials focused on a variety of topics. With our launch, there are 2 publications we are sharing focused on the DSG model of governance capacity building and the justice-based rationale for why we are pursuing this work.

Stay tuned for our peer-reviwed journal article that takes a closer look at the term “capacity building” and its importance as a governance mechanism, puts it in the context of past activities around climate and solar geoengineering, and thinks about how to implement future work in an effective way.


Fact Sheet: Understanding the Difference Between Weather Modification and Solar Geoengineering
DSG’s One Year Anniversary Infographic
Governance of Solar Radiation Modification: Developing The Pakistan Perspective
The Solar Geoengineering Ecosystem: Key Actors Across the Landscape of the Field
Building Solar Geoengineering Governance Capacity
A Justice-Based Analysis of Solar Geoengineering & Capacity Building