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Collaborative Futures of Climate Repair in the Arctic 

June 17 @ 13:00 17:00 Helsinki, Finland

What is Climate repair?

Climate repair encompasses a variety of methods aimed at minimising the damage caused by climate change and restoring the health of our planet. It includes strategies like reforestation, carbon capture, and innovative techniques such as solar geoengineering. Think of solar geoengineering as shading an overheated body, similar to how a sunshade helps cool you down on a hot day. What solar geoengineering does is reflecting some sunlight away from Earth to bring temperatures down.

What will we be doing? 

This is a hands-on worklab where we’ll creatively build stories about how the future of Bodø and the Arctic might look like once climate interventions have or haven’t been implemented. 

Who is it for?

If you’re between 16 and 30 years old and curious about climate interventions, this workshop is for you! We especially welcome those who have never heard of climate engineering but want to have a say in how the future of the Arctic environment is shaped.

What will you get out of it?

Learn Something New: Discover climate repair techniques such as solar geoengineering, which most people have never heard of.

Network: Become part of a growing community of youth interested in Arctic climate repair, sharing ideas that could influence real policy decisions.

Get Creative: Learn how to build future scenarios and discuss climate repair with like-minded others.

Why This Matters:

The need for more awareness and civil society’s inclusion in solar geoengineering discussions is crucial. Even those active in climate spaces often overlook it due to its complexities and potential geopolitical issues. However, with the 1.5ºC target seemingly out of reach, the Arctic region is starting to pay more attention to SRM. It’s vital that you, Arctic youth, are involved in these discussions, ensuring justice and accountability for long-term climate planning.

Interested? Here is a bit more detailed information: 

This workshop is designed to spark discussions on Solar Radiation Modification (SRM) and to collaboratively envision SRM futures from the perspective of Arctic youth. In our 3.5-hour session, we’ll use a campfire setting to dive into exercises that explore the future of SRM. The session includes:

  • An intro to solar geoengineering 
  • Collaborative scenario-building
  • Immersive futures exercises
  • Group discussions on alternative solar geoengineering outcomes
  • Snacks!