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Climate Interventions: Solar Geoengineering

May 21 @ 08:30 10:00 Denver, Colorado

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The Institute for Science & Policy and the Institute for Responsible Carbon Removal co-hosted a session to explore solar geoengineering approaches, also known as solar radiation modification/management (SRM), which seek to cool the planet by reflecting some of the incoming energy back to space. To date, most of the research approaches have been restricted to computer modeling. Some proponents, however, are looking to field experiments, and perhaps ultimately, wide-scale deployment. While some options might help ameliorate the impacts of climate change, they also might pose serious risks. Our panel of experts discuss the latest deliberations around research, governance, impacts, and more.


Wil Burns, Co-Director, The Institute for Responsible Carbon Removal, American University & Visiting Professor, Environmental Policy & Culture Program, Northwestern University 

Lisa Dilling, Assistant Chief Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund 

Shuchi Talati, Founder & Executive Director, The Alliance for Just Deliberation on Solar Geoengineering 

Moderated by Kristan Uhlenbrock, Executive Director, The Institute for Science & Policy