Author: Whitney Peterson

June 18, 2024
Bridging the Science Communications Gap: The Role of Media In Reporting on the Complexities of Solar Geoengineering
What Other Sectors Can Teach Us: Insights for Effective Communication in Solar Geoengineering
Untangling Fact From Fiction in the Public’s Perception of Solar Geoengineering
Why we need to share knowledge with young people on the ground: Lessons learned from Nairobi and Mombasa
Introducing DSG’s New Series: Clearing the Air on Solar Geoengineering Communications and Public Trust
Brief Reflections on the SCoPEx Advisory Committee and Implications for Research Governance
A Controversial SRM Resolution Was Withdrawn at UNEA-6: Here’s our Takeaway
Lessons from Organizing a Workshop on Solar Geoengineering in Pakistan
Reflections from COP28 on our way to UNEA-6